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What are Modern Megaliths?

The following are photographs documenting  modern megalithic projects at the Earthwood Building School and at Dragonstones in the U.K. The pictures show stone moving and erection using ancient methods.

Rolling "The Ancestor," a 6'6" basalt megalith, to its final location.
The stone
weighs almost a ton.

"The Ancestor" was marched up a wooden ramp, by rocking it back and forth with a
long 2" by 6" beam. The granite base stone also weighs about a ton.

British stone circle builder Ivan McBeth directs the positioning of the first stone at the Dragonstones circle near Hascombe in Surrey, U.K. Ivan was co-instructor at our first Megalithics: A Stone Circle Workshop held in August of 2000 at Earthwood Building School in West Chazy, NY. Go to Workshops and Register for Workshops, below, for information about the next Megalithics workshop, now scheduled for August 4-8, 2004. Click here on Newsletter, for more information. Also Workshops and Register for Workshops

2003 Earthwood Building School