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Welcome to the Big Stones website! 
June 15, 2009. Today, we sent out the new 10th Anniversary issue of Club Meg News: The Journal for Stone Circle Builders and Enthusiasts, to subscribers. And our web page about the magazine was updated today, too, so check it out now by clicking Club Meg News   Doug Kerr and I hope to get two or three articles from past issues on this website within a month or so. so keep watching. Rob Roy


 What this site is about:

Big Stones is about modern megalithic creations and the people who are building stone circles today around the world. This site offers information and useful resources to those interested in creating, studying and celebrating stone circles. Big Stones is authored by Rob Roy, author of Stone Circles: A Modern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival and several books on natural building techniques, and instructor and Director of the Earthwood Building School,.Earthwood offers workshops, books and videos on stone circle building and natural building techniques including cordwood masonry.

Earthwood's First Megalithic Workshop in August of 2000 focused on moving and erecting stones using techniques similar to those used to build famous sites such as Stonehenge. With levers, rollers, hitches, collaboration and bare hands, our first megalithic gathering erected 3 stones totalling almost 10 tons. In 2002, at our second Megalithic Workshop, and in gatherings after the workshop, we raised a new 20-ton stone at Earthwood.  For an article about this event, click on The Raising of Juliesteyna. See Newsletter for all the latest Big Stones news. The Newsletter is updated more frequently than the rest of the site and presently includes reports on other Megalithics Workshops held at Earthwood. Click on MegaCo/07 for information about MegaCo/07, the International Megalithic Conference which was held at Earthwood August 7-11, 2007. 

This site is a "sister site" to the Earthwood Building School pages. You will find several ways to link over to the other site, and some of the pages kind of bounce back and forth between the two sites, such as the Books and Videos descriptions, Order Forms, and Workshop Info.

We hope to expand this site to incorporate more useful information. Suggestions, questions, and comments are greatly appreciated -- please email Rob.

Stone Circles: A Megalithic Workshop with Rob Roy

This video documents Earthwood's August 2000 Stone Circle Workshop and shows how the ancients may have created their sacred spaces. 

New! Now Available in DVD format.

Click Here for More Information on the Video

Direct Link to Earthwood Building School Website

If you have not already seen it, please check out Raising of Juliesteyna

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